Zazibona GMP inspections are conducted to support product registration.  A manufacturer to be considered for an inspection should have submitted a product dossier for product registration in any two of the Active Zazibona member states. It should be noted that the Zazibona initiative is still at work sharing and capacity building stage, therefore inspections conducted by individual member states are not yet being considered. The facility will therefore be subjected to a Zazibona inspection, where two or three member states participate regardless of the previous inspection history by any of the Zazibona member states.  The inspections are conducted in line with WHO GMP Technical report series.  Facilities inspected by SRAs are subjected to desk reviews and this encompasses the review of the inspection report and compliance report, among other documents that should be submitted. The GMP inspection closure of manufacturing facility after a Zazibona inspection is at a country level, each country will be responsible for issuance closure letter or GMP certificate.

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