ZaZiBoNa Scope of Products

Products eligible for assessment under the ZaZiBoNa initiative consist of all essential medicines and medicines used in the treatment of the SADC priority diseases or conditions (HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, acute respiratory infections, diarrhea, diabetes, pneumonia, cardiovascular, cancer, obstetrics, gastroenteritis and colic); and reproductive health products and products included in the list of United Nations Commission for Life-Saving Commodities for Women and Children. In addition to these medicines, others can also be considered that may be important from a public health perspective. The WHO-prequalified products are not eligible for consideration under ZaZiBoNa, as most SADC countries participate in the WHO prequalification collaborative registration procedure, in which countries rely on assessments and inspections conducted by the WHO prequalification team (PQT) enabling registration in 90 days after completion of the verification process. However, the WHO Stringent Regulatory Agencies (SRA) collaborative registration procedure can be used to accelerate assessment of products already approved by globally recognized regulatory agencies; for example, the European Medicines Agency (EMA)